Prescriptions and e-consultation

How to renew prescriptions on regular medication?
– You can usually renew prescription for medications that you use regularly. You can do this through the ePortal (or phone)
– It is important that you enter the correct name of the medication, if there are tablets or different formulation, the dose (mg) and how many you take per day
– Some types of medication are prescribed only through appointments with attendance and are strongly regulated (such as medicines with risk of addiction)
– It is important to avoid mistakes in prescribed medication. If you want a medicine you have not received from Fjellsiden before, you should generally first have an appointment with your GP doctor for an assessment
– Remember to order prescriptions well in advance, especially before holidays
– Renewal of prescriptions are usually done without costs for you

Do you have questions you would like to get answered without an appointment?
– If you want a dialogue with your doctor without an appointment, you can get an e-consultation.
– With e-consultation, patients can ask their GP short health questions and receive answers through the ePortal
– E-consultation uses BankID to send messages and satisfies security level 4 and encrypted according to the Code for Information Security in Healthcare, Norway
– In many cases you will receive instant feedback on inquiries sent via our website

Login for digital dialogue, booking appointment or renewing prescriptions

When can e-consultation be useful?
• Simple questions about known diseases, medication, vaccines
• To get answers on lab results and similar questions
• E-consultation shall not be used for acute or complex questions. In such situations, we recommend that you call us through phone to get a consultation or seek emergency care in emergencies
• Number of words in messages are limited to about 500 per message

Examples of issues that should not be taken as e-consultation:
• Complex questions that require extensive investigations or severe symptoms (this should be discussed in regular consultations)
• Conditions that require investigation/ clinical examination
• Requests for addictive drugs
• Assessment of acute exacerbations with much discomfort (this should be assessed on appointment or by emergency services)
• Questions that you may have asked in an earlier e-consultation without getting a satisfying answer
• Issue that requires involvement of other health professionals, for example home care and similar

During Christmas, Easter and Summer holiday periods, you could expect some delays in response time for electronic communication and in vacations there might be some limitations in access to electronic consultation.

The Government has decided that e-consultations should cost more or less the same as consultations through attendance. The price for a e-consultation is approximately 150 to 250 NOK (similar to fee for conventional consultation). If you have “frikort”, the e-consultation will be free. It will usually be sent out a giro when you get a reply from an e-consultation.

Requirements to make use of these services
• You must be registered with full birth date and social security number
• You should have given the correct mobile number
• You can not have unpaid claims

– For prescriptions, e-consultation and appointments, you can press the link to ePortal to the right